Home Buying Tips + Mortgage Refinancing Information

At The Power Is Now Mortgage Services, we want you to be a full participant in the home mortgage process.  We provide insightful and detailed information to make this endeavor as stress-free as possible.  Please take time to view our educational videos and to estimate your potential mortgage payments with our calculators.

When you’re ready to invest in a new home purchase, or save money with by refinancing your mortgage or with cash out refinancing, give us a call to start the complementary upfront approval process at 1-800-450-2010.

First Time Homebuyer Center

Buying a home for the first time? We’ll walk you through the process so you know just what to expect.

Mortgage Calculators
Calculate payments on a variety of loan options or find out how much home you can now afford.
Mortgage Glossary
In mortgage finance, there are many terms and acronyms that get used. Don’t know what an ARM is or if you qualify for a GEM?  Find out in our comprehensive glossary.
Upfront Credit Approval
Approval is the first step in the loan process. Get a free credit approval and know exactly how much you can afford before looking for your new home.  Your approval gives you buying advantage over other, unprepared potential buyers.
Click here to download the Borrowers Signature Authorization Form
Click here to download the Credit Card Authorization Form